World War II Nurse Books

Books by and about WWII military nurses, mostly overseas

Most of these books are out-of-print but each may be available through the Inter-Library Loan Department of local and university libraries, and for purchase from online used-book dealers. Most books in this collection have been placed in the Library at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.

More books and oral histories are on the website of the Library of Congress:

Alphabetical by author
Compiled by Diane Burke Fessler


ANC=Army Nurse Corps
ARC=American Red Cross
ASG=Auxiliary Surgical Group
CBI=China Burma India
EH=Evacuation Hospital
ETO=European Theater
FH=Field Hospital
GH=General Hospital
MAES=Military Air Evacuation Squadron
NNC=Navy Nurse Corps
POW=Prisoner of War
SH=Station Hospital
VRE=Air Transport Evacuation Squadron

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Abbott, Lawrence O. Out of Albania – From the Memoirs of Lawrence O. Abbott, “A True Account of a WWII Underground Rescue Mission”. 2010. 807th MAES, (also see Braun, Fessler, Gay, Lineberry, Mangerich, Thruelson)

Aggeles, Theodora B. Answering The Call: Nurses of Post 122. 2007. Flight nurses, Army & Navy nurses, African-American nurses, Philippines, Occupied Japan, Australia, Azores, Algeria, France, Germany, New Guinea, Iran, Alaska, hospital ships.

Ahrendsen, Frances Wallace. From Survival to Arrival. 1993. Memoir, awarded a Purple Heart. 127th GH, England, France.

Allen, Genevieve ‘G. I.’ O’Reilly. Chip On My Shoulder. 2003. North Africa 74th SH.

Anderson, John M.D. A Nurse’s War in the South Pacific. 2021. Esperitu Santo 25th EH. Son writes from nurse’s diary.

Aquilina, LaVada Bishop. Unsung Heroes, Combat Nurses & Army Wives. 1995. 18th SH, 105th GH, 118th GH, 35th GH, New Guinea, Biak, Philippines.

Archard, Theresa. G. I. Nightingale: The Story of an American Army Nurse. 1945. North Africa, Mediterranean. 48th Surg. Hosp/128th EH (merged, see Haskell)

Arthur, Mary E. Hill. Rebel Nurse. 1959. 135th GH, England.

Astor, Gerald. Crisis in the Pacific: The Battles for the Philippine Islands by the Men Who Fought Them. 1996. Army and Navy nurses referenced throughout.

Aye, Lillian. Iran Caboose. 1952. Red Cross workers on Trans-Iranian Railroad. Iran, Egypt, Mentions 19th SH, 30th SH, 113th SH, 38th SH, 21st SH. (also see Korson)

Aynes, Edith A. From Nightingale to Eagle, An Army Nurse’s History. 1973. Hawaii, 148th GH, personal experiences and ANC history pre & post WWII.

Bach, Pearl Will Haugland Taylor. Pearl’s World, Lifetime Memories of a World War II Army Nurse. 1999. Alaska, Canada, Philippines, 133rd GH. (also see Fessler)

Baltzo, D. Celebrating Women In WWII, or When Was The Honeymoon. 1993. Nurse cartoons.

Barger, Judith. Beyond The Call Of Duty, Army Flight Nursing In World War II. 2013. Thorough history, many personal stories, worldwide. (also see Fessler)

Baxter, Kay Thompson. Make Way For The Lady Ensign, An American Memoir. 2016. Puerto Rico, & stateside during WWII, Navy flight nurse post war.

Beaton, Gail M. Colorado Women in World War II. 2020. Army and Navy Nurses, Cadet Nurses, American Red Cross volunteers, overseas and stateside.

Berendsen, Dorothy M. The Way It Was: An Air Force Nurse’s Story. 1988. 817th MAES Army flight nurse, Europe.

Blasingame, Wyatt. Combat Nurses of World War II. 1967. Youth. USS Solace, USS Samaritan, USS Bountiful, USS Comfort, Philippines, 2nd GH, 48th Surgical, 95th EH, 38th EH, 33rd FH, 153rd SH, 140th GH, VRE-1, 807th MAES, (also see Archard, Peto, Haskell, Harper, Fessler)

Bonine, Gladys. Reflections of One Army Nurse in World War II. 1996. England, 67th GH. Very good descriptions of patients’ wounds and care.

Bowersock, Melissa. Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan. 2011. Philippines POW.

Braun, Eric. Trapped Behind Nazi Lines, The Story of the U. S. Army Air Force 807th Medical Evacuation Squadron. 2016. Albania. (also see Abbott, Fessler, Gay, Lineberry, Mangerich, Thruelson)

Brokaw, Tom. The Greatest Generation. 1998. 56th EH, 3rd ASG, Okinawa, Anzio, Africa.   The Greatest Generation Speaks, Letters and Reflections. 1999.    An Album of Memories. 2001. 103rd EH, 159th SH, 181st GH, 75th FH, worldwide.

Buchanan, Margaret S. Reminiscing: An Account of the 300th Army General Hospital in WWII. 1988. North Africa, Italy, 66th SH, 15th EH.

Burrell, Prudence Burns. Hathaway. 1997. Memoir, African-American nurse in Pacific 268th SH. (also see Fessler, Clark)

Busby, Anna Urda. Wherever You Need Me, Pearl Harbor and Beyond. 2002. Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.
   Wherever You Need Me, The Anna Urda Busby Story. 2012. (Updated)

Camp, LaVonne Telshaw. Lingering Fever, A World War II Nurse’s Memoir. 1997. CBI, 14th EH, 20th GH, 142nd GH. (also see Moseley)

Campbell, D’Ann. Women At War With America: Private Lives in a Patriotic Era. 1984. Worldwide. Includes Army & Navy nurses.

Carpenter, Iris. No Woman’s World. 1946. Female war correspondent in Europe, 91st EH, 12th FH, 5th GH. Praises nurses.

Caulfield, Gunilla. W. W. II Army Nurse June Houghton Sullivan, A Life Story. 2013. 120th SH, England, France.

Clark, Alexis. Enemies in Love, A German POW, A Black Nurse, And An Unlikely Romance. 2018. Army nurse assigned to Arizona POW camp. (also see Burrell)

Collins, Fran & Martin. Camp Foxley. 2005. British authors & publisher. England, 99th GH, 156th GH, 123rd GH, ARC.

Collins, Lawrence D. The 56th Evac Hospital, Letters of a WWII Army Doctor. 1995. North Africa, Italy. (also see Schorer)

Cook, Isabelle. In Times of War, Memoirs of a World War II Nurse. 1999. North Africa, Europe, 3rd GH.

Cooper, Page. Navy Nurse. 1988. True stories of NNC worldwide. (also see Fessler)

Copeland, Jeffrey. Lt. Elsie Ott’s Top Secret Mission, The WWII Flight Nurse Pioneer of Aeromedical Evacuation MEDEVAC. 2020. First aerial medical flight, from India to U. S. in 1943. (also see Fessler)

Cosner, Shaaron. War Nurses. 1988. ANC & NNC, all wars, Worldwide. (also see Fessler)

Cowdrey, Albert E. Fighting For Life: American Military Medicine in WW II. 1994. Worldwide. Army and Navy nurses and hospitals.

Culpepper, Marilyn M. Never Will We Forget, Oral Histories of World War II. 2008. Includes Army & Navy nurses, worldwide.

Daly, H. C. “Pat”. The U. S. S. Solace Was There. CA, 1991. Navy hospital ship at Pearl Harbor attack & Worldwide. (also see Cooper, Fessler)

Danner, Dorothy Still. What A Way To Spend A War, Navy Nurse POWs in the Philippines. 1995. Memoir, Los Banos POW camp. (also see Fessler, Lucchesi)

DeWitt, Gill. The First Navy Flight Nurse on a Pacific Battlefield. 1983. Iwo Jima.

Difford, Floramund Fellmeth. An Angel’s Illustrated Journal. It has taken sixty years to explain why she was On the Mactan and not a prisoner. 2005. Philippines, Australia, SS Mactan. (also see Korson)

Dobie, Kathryn S. Her War, American Women in WWII. 2003. Excerpts of memoirs of military & civilians, 300th GH, 95th EH, 48th SH, 67th EH, 10th FH.

Dunlap, Lillian. 33 Years of Army Nursing, An Interview with Brigadier General Lillian Dunlap by Cynthia Gurney. 2001. 59th SH, 363rd SH, New Guinea, Philippines.

Engelman, Muriel P. Mission Accomplished: Stop The Clock. 2006. 16th GH. England, France, Belgium (hospital bombed), Battle of the Bulge.

Farrell, Mary Cronk. Pure Grit, How American WWII Nurses Survived Battle and Prison Camp in the Pacific. 2014. Philippines POWs.

Feldt, Elizabeth Czizek. So Help Me God, Adventures of a WWII Army Nurse. 2011. France, Germany, 200th GH.

Fenton, Peter. Olive Weston, The Heroic Life of a World War II Nurse. 2004. Australia.

Fessler, Diane Burke. No Time For Fear, Voices of American Military Nurses in WW II. 1996. Oral histories of Army & Navy nurses, Flight nurses, African American nurses. Pearl Harbor, Pacific islands, Philippines POWs, CBI, North Africa, Europe, Russia, Brazil.

Fishpaw, Eli & Bernice. The Shavetail and The Army Nurse, The Bride Wore Olive Drab. 1998. Authors married before going overseas, separately, continues after the war as an Army family. England, 106th GH, France, Germany, 100th Division.

Flanagan, E. M. Angels At Dawn, The Los Banos Raid. 1999. Philippines, Navy POW nurses rescued. (also see Henderson, Fessler)

Flikke, Julia O. Nurses in Action, The Story of the Army Nurse Corps. 1943.

Flynn, G. Jesse. Heroes From The Attic, History of 48th Surgical Hospital/128th Evacuation Hospital 1941-1945. 2003. First Army MASH unit, Africa, Europe.

Friedenberg, Zachary B. Hospital at War: The 95th Evacuation Hospital. 2004. North Africa, Italy, France. Bombing of SS Newfoundland, Anzio.

Friedl, Vicki L. Women in the United States Military, 1901-1995, A Research Guide and Annotated Bibliography. 1996.

Garrett, Caroline Morrison. Short Skirts and Snappy Salutes, A Woman’s Memoir of the WWII Years. 2007. Army Dietitian in U. S. Army hospitals.

Gay, Timothy M. Assignment to Hell, The War Against Nazi Germany with Correspondents Walter Cronkite, Andy Rooney, A. J. Liebling, Homer Bigart, and Hal Boyle. 2012. Includes report of flight nurses behind enemy lines in Albania.
Savage Will, The Daring Escape Of Americans Trapped Behind Nazi Lines. 2013.
807th MAES in Albania, (also see Abbot, Braun, Mangerich, Barger, Fessler, Lineberry, Thruelson).

Giles, Donald T. Jr. Captive of the Rising Sun. 1994. POW memoirs of Rear Admiral Giles, captured on Guam in 1941, and 4 years in Japan POW camp. Includes 5 Navy nurses. Chapter Notes should be read.

Glines, Edna Lee. Heads In The Sand, 1990. Navy nurse, USS Benevolence, Pacific.

Godson, Susan H. Serving Proudly, A History of Women In The U. S. Navy. 2001. (also see Herman, Sterner)

Graves, Clifford L. Front Line Surgeons, A History of the Third Auxiliary Surgical Group. 1950. North Africa, France, Germany, Rosters & hometowns. (also see MacGregor)

Gruhzit-Hoyt, Olga. They Also Served: American Women In World War II. 1995. Nurses in Hawaii, Philippines, Tinian, Middle East, CBI, Europe, flight nurse diary as POW in Germany.

Gruning, Barbara Gage. Flight Nurse: From Pearl to Tokyo. 2014. WWII Army flight nurse Pacific, Japan.

Hager, Alice Rogers, Wings For the Dragon: The Air War in Asia. 1945. Journalist writes about CBI, 73rd EH, 20th GH, 803rd MAES, includes flight nurse’s parachute jump in China. (also see Mosely)

Harper, Dale P. Too Close For Comfort. 2001. USS COMFORT hospital ship deadly hit by kamikaze plane in Pacific (Okinawa)

Haskell, Ruth G. Helmets and Lipstick. 1944. North Africa, 48th Surg. Hosp. (also see Archard)

Henderson, Bruce. Rescue at Los Banos, The Most Daring Prison Camp Raid of WW II. 2015. Includes Navy nurses, camp roster, Philippines. (also see Fessler, Flanagan)

Herman, Jan K. Battle Station Sick Bay: Navy Medicine in World War II. 1997. Stories by nurses, doctors, corpsmen, worldwide. (also see Sterner, Fessler, Godson)

Holland, Robert B. The Rescue Of Santo Tomas. 2003. Philippines, Army nurses, POWs. (also see Fessler, Farrell, Macdougall, Pollette, Williams)

Holm, Jeanne. Women In The Military, An Unfinished Revolution. 1992.
In Defense of a Nation, Servicewomen in World War II. 1998. Army and Navy nurses worldwide.

Hoppes, Jonna Doolittle. Just Doing My Job. 2009. Stories of WWII including Army nurse in England. 141st GH.

Jackson, Kathi. They Called Them Angels, American Military Nurses of WW II, 2006. Army and Navy, flight, hospital ships, worldwide. (also see Fessler)

Johnson, Martha. Ann Bartlett at Bataan, The Adventures of a Navy Nurse. 1945. Youth Fiction.

Jones, Brenda. Nurses Under Fire, World War II Novel. 2005. Philippines.

Jopling, Lucy Wilson. Warrior in White. 1990. Philippines escape, Flight Nurse, 801st MAES, Pacific, (also see Russell, Redmond)

Jouvenot, Dorothy Lonergan. Our Far Away Places. 2000. Flight nurse, 802nd MAES, North Africa, Italy, France.

Kennedy, Paul A. Battlefield Surgeon: Life and Death on the Front Lines of WWII. 2016. Journal of 2nd ASG surgeon. North Africa, Italy, France, Germany. Mentions many army hospitals, details of surgeries, Dachau. (also see Wolff)

Kielar, Eugenia M. Thank You Uncle Sam, Letters of a World War II Army Nurse from North Africa and Italy. 1987. 67th General Hospital. (also see Smith)

Kneller, Bernice Finch. Bernie’s Letters Home. 1999. 160th GH, England.

Korson, George. At His Side, The Story of the American Red Cross Overseas in WWII. 1945. Mentions 153rd SH, 171st EH, 10th EH, 14th EH, 73rd EH, 20th GH, 16th EH, 38th EH 95th EH, 12th GH, 26th GH, SS Mactan. Worldwide. (also see Aye)

Kuhn, Betsy. Angels of Mercy, The Army Nurses of World War II. 1999. Youth.

LaForte, Robert S. Remembering Pearl Harbor, Eyewitness Accounts by U. S. Military Men and Women. 1992.

Lampier, Audrey. This Is It, a Story of the 119th Station Hospital. New Guinea. (also see Fessler)

Lewis, Brenda. Women at War, The Women of World War II – At Home, At Work, On The Front Line. 2002. Military and Civilian, all wars.

Lewis, Vickie. Side-By-Side, A Photographic History of American Women in War. 1999. Army & Navy nurses included, all wars.

Lineberry, Cate. The Secret Rescue, An Untold Story Of American Nurses And Medics Behind Nazi Lines. 2013. 807th MAES Albania. (also see also Abbott, Mangerich, Gay, Braun, Fessler, Thruelson)

Litoff, Judy Barrett, ed. American Women in a World at War, Contemporary Accounts from World War II. 1997. Includes Navy & Army nurses, 16th EH, ARC.
We’re in This War, Too, World War II Letters From American Women in Uniform. 1994. Worldwide, Navy, Army, African-American nurses.

Littleton, Mark R. & Wright, Charles. DOC, Heroic Stories of Medics, Corpsmen, and Surgeons in Combat. 2005. Includes Army and Navy nurses of WWII. Worldwide.

Lucchesi, Emilie Le Beau. This Is Really War, The Incredible True Story of a Navy Nurse POW in the Occupied Philippines. 2019. Dorothy Still Danner, NNC. Philippines, Los Banos. Thorough research, personal lives of Navy nurse POWs. (also see Danner, Farrell, Fessler, Norman, Sterner)

Macdougall, Walter M. Angel of Bataan, The Life Of A World War II Army Nurse In The War Zone And At Home. 2015. Philippines POW Alice Zwicker, 119th SH.

MacGregor, Mildred A. World War II Front Line Nurse. 2008. North Africa, England, France, Germany. 3rd ASG, 3rd GH, 298th GH (also see Graves)

Mangerich, Agnes Jensen. Albanian Escape, The True Story of U. S. Army Nurses Behind Enemy Lines. 1999. 807th MAES Flight nurses, autobiography. (also see Abbott, Braun, Gay, Lineberry, Fessler, Thruelson)

Manning, Michele. Angels of Mercy. 1985. Army nurse POWs in Philippines. Excerpt from dissertation.

Massman, Emory A. Hospital Ships of World War II, An Illustrated Reference. 1999. Much information in a great book.

Matthews, Meredith Miller. Mother Wore Combat Boots, And Chased Troop Trains. 1998. Stateside, Philippines 117th SH, Tokyo 128th SH, Yokohama 334th SH, 43rd FH.

McCrary, Martha E. The Colonel Was A Lady. 1995. Army nurse in France, 4th ASG, including roster.

McDermott, George L. Women Recall the War Years, Memories of World War II. 1998. Nurses in Pearl Harbor, Australia 1st EH, New Guinea, CBI, & includes German army nurse.

McDermott, William V. A Surgeon in Combat. 1997. Europe, Battalion surgeon, 550th AAA-AW & 30th FH.

McLaughlin, Pamela. Celia, Army Nurse and Mother Remembered. 2002. Biography of army nurse by daughter. North Africa, Italy, 53rd SH.

Melton, Brad, Ed. Arizona Goes To War, The Home Front and the Front Lines During World War II. 2003. Chapter 5 “Women” by Diane Burke Fessler, includes nurses.

Monahan, Evelyn M. A Few Good Women, America’s Military Women From World War I To The Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan. 2010. Army & Navy nurses, Worldwide.
All This Hell, U. S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese. 2000. Nurses in Philippines.    And If I Perish, Frontline U. S. Army Nurses in World War II. 2003. North Africa, Europe.

Moore, Brenda L. Serving Our Country, Japanese American Women in the Military During World War II. 2003. Includes nurses. (also see Robinson, and Szecsy)

Morris, Eric. Corregidor, The End Of The Line. 1981. Reprinted with title: Corregidor, The American Alamo Of World War II. First-person stories of Japanese takeover of the Philippines, including nurses. (also see Fessler)

Moseley, Esther Baer. Lady, Don’t Stop Here, The True Story of a Young Woman’s Adventures As An Air Evacuation Nurse in the Army Air Corps of WWII. 1988. CBI, 803rd MAES, includes flight nurse parachuting in China. (also see Fessler, Hager & Camp)

Mura, Tiffany. The Diary of Jean Hays, A WWII Nurse in Fiji. 2005. 18th GH, Fiji and Assam, India.

Newcomb, Ellsworth. Brave Nurse, True Stories of Heroism. 1945. USS Solace, Iceland, Philippines, S. Pacific, N. Africa, Europe. Army, Navy, Flight nurses.

Norman, Elizabeth M. We Band of Angels, The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese. 1999. Army and Navy nurses, Santo Tomas, Los Banos. (also see Fessler)

O’Connor, Mary. Flying Mary O’Connor, The Story of a Pioneer Stewardess. 1961. Author became Director of the Navy School of Air Evacuation in 1944.

O’Farrell, Elizabeth Kinzer. WWII, A Navy Nurse Remembers. 2007. Stateside.

Oman, Charles M., Doctors Aweigh, The Story of the United States Navy Medical Corps In Action. 1943. Pearl Harbor, Pacific, hospital ships.

Pacheco, FMJ., On A Wing And A Prayer, Memories Of A Fighter Pilot And A Nurse In WWII. 2006. 1st EH, 2nd EH, 81st GH, 217th GH, POWs, 324th Fighter Group. Interview by son of military parents in Europe at end of war.

Page, Evelyn Hill, ed. The Story of Air Evacuation 1942-1989. 1989. Yearbook of Army flight nurses, training and overseas, personal memoirs. (also see Fessler)

Peto, Marjorie. Women Were Not Expected, An Informal Story of the Nurses of 2nd General Hospital in the ETO. 1947. Roster of 2nd EH nurses. England, France. Great photos.

Polette, Nancy. Angel in Fatigues, The Story of Colonel Ruby Bradley. 2013. Philippines, Baguio, POW.
Angels On Board, Heroic Flight Nurses of World War II. 2015. Army & Navy flight nurses, worldwide. (also see Fessler)

Poulos, Paula Nassen, ed., A Woman’s War Too, U. S. Women in the Military in WW II. 1996. Includes Army & Navy nurses.

Pullman, Sally Hitchcock. Letters Home, Memoirs of One Army Nurse in the Southwest Pacific in WWII. 2004. 54th GH, 51st GH, 126th GH, 133rd GH, 73rd FH, 116th SH, 44th GH, New Guinea, Philippines.

Ratledge, Abbie C. Angels in Khaki. 1975. Army nurse, New Guinea, Philippines.

Redmond, Juanita. I Served on Bataan. 1943. Philippines, escaped before nurses were captured. (also see Jopling, Russell)

Regis, Margaret. When Our Mothers Went to War, An Illustrated History of Women in WWII. 2008. Army, Navy nurses & civilians, worldwide.

Robinson, Thelma M. Cadet Nurse Stories, The Call For and Response Of Women During WW II. 2001.
Nisei Cadet Nurse of World War II, Patriotism in Spite of Prejudice. 2005. Japanese-American nurses join Cadet Nurse program. (also see Moore, Szecsy)

Rolly, Inez Cross Brown. My Uncle Sent Me. England, France 217th GH, 201st GH.

Rushton, Patricia. Latter-Day Saint Nurses At War. 2005. New Hebrides, New Guinea, Philippines, Germany, England, France, Italy, North Africa, Okinawa, New Caledonia, CBI, USS Consolation, India, Japan, 81st FH, ships torpedoed in Atlantic.

Russell, Maxine. Jungle Angel: Bataan Remembered. 1988. Story of Hortense McKay, ANC, Philippines, Australia, New Guinea, 126th GH. (also see Jopling, Redmond)

Sarnecky, Mary T. A History of the U. S. Army Nurse Corps. 1999.
Through Vietnam War, worldwide.
A Contemporary History of the U. S. Army Nurse Corps. 2010. Volume 2, 1970s through 2000.

Schorer, Avis D. A Half Acre Of Hell, A Combat Nurse in WWII. 2000. North Africa, Italy 56th Evacuation Hospital. (also see Collins)

Schwartz, Doris R. My Fifty Years in Nursing. 1995. Army nurse, SS Marigold in Yokohama bringing POWs out of Japan at war’s end. (also see Massman)

Sewell, Patricia W. Healers in World War II, Oral Histories of Medical Corps Personnel. 2001. 174th GH, 9th EH, 123rd GH, 65th GH, 807th MAES, Albania, worldwide.

Sforza, Eula Awbrey. A Nurse Remembers. 1991. Europe 12th FH.

Smith, Sidney A. MD. A History of Musgrove Military Hospital During WWII and The 67th General Hospital. 2008. England.

Sorel, Nancy Caldwell. The Women Who Wrote The War. 1999. Women war correspondents give tribute to nurses throughout.

Sterner, Doris M. In And Out Of Harm’s Way, A History Of The Navy Nurse Corps. 1996. Comprehensive. 2 chapters for WWII. (also see Fessler, Herman & Godson)

Stevens, Michael E. Women Remember the War 1941-1945, Voices of the Wisconsin Past. 1993. Australia, India, 44th GH.

Stewart, Charles F. MD. The Ninth Evac, Experiences in a World War II Tent Hospital in North Africa and Europe. 1990. North Africa, Italy, France, Germany. (also see Tayloe)

Stoddard, Eleanor. Fearless Presence, The Story of Lt. Col. Nola Forrest, Who Led The Army Nurses Through Heat, Rain, Mud and Enemy Fire in World War II. 2007. SW Pacific, New Guinea, Philippines.

Szecsy, Elsie M. Cadet Nurse Corps in Arizona, A History of Service. 2016. (also see Moore, Robinson)

Tayloe, Roberta Love. Combat Nurse, A Journal Of World War II. 1988. North Africa, Italy, 9th EH, 8th EH. (also see Stewart)

Terkel, Studs. The Good War, An Oral History of World War II. 1984. Includes nurses.

Thompson, Dorothy Davis. The Road Back, A Pacific POW’s Liberation Story. 1996. Pre-war & Post-war Philippines, 49th GH. (also see Weigand)

Thruelsen, Richard. Mediterranean Sweep, Air Stories from El Alamein to Rome. 1944. Flight nurses crash land in Albania. (also see Abbott, Fessler, Gay, Lineberry, Mangerich)

Tomblin, Barbara Brooks. G. I. Nightingales, The Army Nurse Corps in World War II. 1996. Worldwide, including many hospitals, nurses, locations.

Treadwell, Mattie E. United States Army in World War II, Special Studies, The Women’s Army Corps. 1991. Army Nurse Corps included.

Tubbs, Lucille Rosedale. Nursing at a Shuttle Bombing Base, Russia 1944. Poltava. (also see Fessler)

Wandrey, June. Bedpan Commando, The Story of a Combat Nurse During WW II. 1989. North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Germany, 10th FH. Excellent descriptions of daily life of a field hospital nurse in letters home. (also see Fessler)

Weatherford, Doris. American Women and World War II. 1990. Includes nurses.

Weigand, Cindy. Texas Women in World War II. 2003. 193rd GH, 117th GH, 79th FH, 91st GH, Europe; 20th GH, CBI; Philippines, POW.

Weisbach, Nell Pruitt. A Shot of Espresso in A Decaf World. 2012. 51st GH. New Guinea.

Welch, Bob. American Nightingale, The Story of Frances Slanger, Forgotten Heroine of Normandy. 2004. 45th FH, Europe, Army nurse inspires troops with a letter. KIA in Belgium, there was a ship named for her.

Williams, Denny. To The Angels. 1985. Philippine POWs, Navy & Army nurses, roster. Well-done memoir based on diary during imprisonment. (also see Fessler)

Williams, Winnie S. I Have A Story To Tell. U. S., Philippines, post war ANC career.

Wolff, Luther H. Forward Surgeon. 1985. North Africa, Italy. 2nd ASG. (also see Kennedy)

Wright, Helen and Rapport, Samuel, Ed. Great Adventures in Nursing. 1960. Youth. USS Solace, Okinawa, Navy flight nurse, medic in Korea.

Yellin, Emily. Our Mothers’ War, American Women At Home And At The Front during WW II. 2004. Army & Navy Nurses, worldwide, including POWs, African-American nurses.

Reporting World War II, Part One: American Journalism 1938-1944 and Part Two: 1944- 1946. 1995. Anthology of reporting the war, including nurses, by journalists.


Allen, Gwenfread. Hawaii’s War Years, 1941-1945. Official history by Hawaii War Records Depository. 1950.

Andrews, Lucilla. No time for Romance: The inspiratinal true story of a nurse in wartime. 1978. British nurse in WWII England.

Bellafaire, Judith. Women Doctors in War. 2009.

Bolton, Angela. The Maturing Sun: An Army Nurse in India 1942-45. 1986. British nurse.

Bridges, Jean Johnson. Stand In For A Soldier, A WAC Remembers Service During World War II. 1997.

Canfield, Jack. Chicken Soup for the Veteran’s Soul. 2001. Stories by and about nurses.

Carpenter, Alton E. Chappie, World War II Diary of a Combat Chaplain. 2007. 20th/134th/1171st Combat Engineers, Europe, 1942-1945.

Cowen, Ruth ed. A Nurse At The Front: The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton. 2012. British nurse in WWI France and Belgium.

Dessez, Eunice C. The First Enlisted Women 1917-1918. 1955. World War 1.

Donahue, M. Patricia. Nursing, The Finest Art, An Illustrated History. 1985.

Fenton, Peter. Olive Weston, The Heroic Life of a World War II Nurse. 2004. Australian.

Hampton, Ellen. Women of Valor, The Rochambelles on the WWII Front. 2006. Women ambulance drivers, including American, in France, Germany.

Huebner, Klaus H. Long Walk Through War. 1987. North Africa & Italy, diary of Combat Surgeon & 88th Infantry Div.

Lamp, C. O. Gentle Tigress, True Story of a Beautiful American Girl’s Courageous Struggle in China During WWII. 1980.

Link, Mae Mills. Medical Support Army Air Forces in WWII. 1955.

Maisel, Albert Q. Miracles of Military Medicine. 1944.

Mansell, Roger. Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guam. 2012. Five Navy nurses’ capture included.

McBryde, Brenda. Quiet Heroines, Nurses of the Second World War. 1985. British nurse author tells of brave nurses of the United Kingdom. Worldwide.
A Nurse’s War. 1979. British nurse in England, France, Germany WWII memoir.

Nash, Grace C. That We Might Live, A Story Of Human Triumph During WWII. 1985. American family POWs in Los Banos, Philippines.

Norman, Michael and Elizabeth. Tears in the Darkness, The Story of the Bataan Death March and its Aftermath. 2009.

Phibbs, Brendan. The Other Side of Time, A Combat Surgeon in World War II. 1987. Twelfth Armored Division, Europe.

Seagrave, Gordon S. Burma Surgeon. 1943.
Burma Surgeon Returns. 1946. Doctor in CBI as civilian and military.

Soderbergh, Peter A. Women Marines, The World War II Era. 1992.

Stratton, Donald. All the Gallant Men, The First Memoir by a USS Arizona Survivor. 2016. Remarkable account of Pearl Harbor attack.

Tourtellot, Arthur editor, Dos Passos, John, text writer. Life’s Picture History of World War II. 1950. Magnificent pictures.

Upfill, Muriel Sue DeGaa. An American in Burma, 1930 to 1942. 1999. Civilian memoir.

Utinsky, Margaret. Miss U, Angel of the Underground. 1948. American civilian nurse in Philippines, aiding Allied prisoners during WWII.

 Vuic, Kara. The Girls Next Door. 2019. WW2 female volunteers in Red Cross, USO.

Winchell, Meghan K. Good Girls, Good Food, Good Fun, The Story of USO Hostesses During WWII. 2008.

Winston, Keith. V-Mail, Letters of a World War II Combat Medic. 1985. France, Germany, 100th Inf. Div.


Nurse POWS in WWII

Echoes of Captivity

Crusade in the Pacific